Edgmond Parish Council 

Hedgehog Survey 11th - 19th July

Edgmond might be the first village in the UK to initiate a village Hedgehog Survey!

The Edgmond Hedgehog Conservation Group is carrying out a village Hedgehog Survey. It would be great if everyone could get on board. It starts Saturday July 8th and finishes in 9 days time on Sunday at midnight. So what is involved?

Wander the garden just after it has gone dark with a torch and record how many hedgehogs you have seen. Get the family involved, it could be great fun. We need to know the maximum number seen on any night in the 9 days of the survey. You don't have to go out every night. You could ask a neighbour to take part or a friend in the village. Make sure that a return for a neighbour's or friend's garden is a separate return and we know the address. We would like to put the info on the map of the village and share this with the community.

Send the information of the address of the sightings and the maximum number of hedgehogs seen at any one time (we don't want to double-count!) to jslloyd@btinternet.com or use the Nextdoor Edgmond Hedgehog Group page.

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