Edgmond Parish Council 

How do you want to Communicate with your Parish Council?

Edgmond Parish Council uses its website as one of the ways to communicate with the community, however we realise that many people would rather use Facebook.

We have had a Facebook page: Edgmond Community Forum, for some time and this has around 70 people registered.

We are also aware of Nextdoor Edgmond, which is proving popular and although was established to share messages between neighbours, it has also been successfully used to share important information from organisations such as the Parish Council.

The Councillors are keen to ensure that as many people as possible are engaged with them in their work and we would therefore appreciate you taking time to let us know your views on the various ways we can contact you, and more importantly, how you prefer to contact us.

There is a direct email address – edgmondpc@btinternet.com

You can call me on 07813 788094 or you can pop a message on the Edgmond Community Forum.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Katrina Baker

Clerk (Edgmond Parish Council)

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