Edgmond Parish Council 

Local Councillor Recognised for her Outstanding Community Service

At St Peter’s Church Sunday 3rd April 2022, the High Sheriff Tony Morris-Eyton presented to Councillor Yvonne Brunger, a rare award in recognition of her valuable services to the community during the COVID pandemic, in providing a prescription and shopping services to those vulnerable residents in the parish and maintenance of the Scouting activities for the younger generation.

The church service, conducted by Rector Helen Morby, was dedicated to “generosity and gladness” as part of the Lent theme leading up to Easter Sunday. The High Sheriff’s award was timely and complemented the service through the acknowledgment of the work Councillor Yvonne Brunger had performed unhindered throughout the lockdowns.

Photographs of the presentation were taken in the church and a group photo of the high sheriff and some members of the Scouting Group were taken outside the church following the service.

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