Edgmond Parish Council 

Parish Warden’s Report - April 2021


Thanks to P.C. Lee Thomas, I have the reported crime statistics for April (up to the 21st).

On the 3rd, there was a report of anti-social behaviour at the Recreation Field, and subsequent damage to a child’s bike.

On the 9th and 14th there were reports of an off road motorbike being ridden on land off Marsh Road.

On the 12th, the police were informed of 2 catalytic converter thefts – one from Mentone Crescent, the other from Playdale.  It should be noted that similar crimes have been committed in Newport recently as well.  Residents are therefore encouraged to immediately report any strangers hanging around vehicles.

Sadly, there have been reports from the landowners of the Rockhole area of various incidents.  These concern damage to the land and trees, dumping of litter, and fires being lit.  In our endeavour to deter any further incidents, the Newport Safer Neighbourhood Police Team will be making patrols of the area.  Parents are asked to ensure that their children are aware that, despite the Rockhole having a footpath through it and that children have used it to play without issue for a very long time, the land is privately owned.  In any case, it is a criminal offence to cause damage there (or anywhere else for that matter).

John Keeping (813125)


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