Edgmond Parish Council 

Parish Warden's Report - Feb 2021

There were no crimes reported in the village during January.

For the rest of the report, I would like to quote exactly what P.C.Lee Thomas (of the Newport Safer Neighbourhood Team) emailed to me:-

"A resident did report a dubious caller to their home on 14th January, offering to tarmac their drive very cheaply – this kind of activity does occur sporadically and our advice is always to say no – any such work will normally be done to a very poor standard (if at all) and the people carrying out the work will suddenly demand payment of several times more than any amount agreed.

A thank you must go out to the residents who called in re males potentially hare coursing on fields out near Rock Lane last week - not enough evidence when I located them leaving the area to progress hare coursing offences but they were all from different addresses in Walsall and claimed they’d come all this way just to walk their dogs !! – so they were given £200 fixed penalties for Covid-19 lock down breaches. I’ve no doubt in reality they were disturbed before they got chance to get up to wrong-doings though.

Repeated message therefore that if people see strangers with dogs or vehicles, especially 4x4 types, parked in fields or laybys in rural areas, please consider they may be hare coursing and call police on 101.


Other than that, a general awareness appeal regarding a flurry of fraud attempts around the country including this area, possibly due to more people being at home due to Covid restrictions and therefore a bigger pool of available potential victims – telephone, postal and email claims re bank / building society / car tax / Netflix / Amazon accounts and more, all allegedly having failed payments and to ‘click here’ ‘press 1 to respond’ or ‘call this number’ to rectify the problem

The message from police is a very simple one – the police, your bank, council, TV or phone provider will NEVER ask you for your PIN number, nor to transfer money to another account, or give it to a caller to your home. Should you receive such a message by any means, ignore it, and if unsure, contact your services provider by the telephone number shown on official prior correspondence or displayed on their website – never one shown on a dubious looking letter or demand ".


John Keeping (813125)

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