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Parish Warden Report

P.C. Lee Thomas advises that there were no crimes reported in Edgmond during July (up to the 20th).

It is the holiday season again, so a number of warnings are extremely relevant.

If you are going away, try to make your home look as normal as possible and leave it secure. The best solution for most potential problems is a trusted neighbour who will move post and draw curtains, etc. With the use of timer switches for lights and a radio, most things will appear normal. 


There was an incident in the village recently which the above would have prevented. Concerned neighbours contacted me because the sole occupier of a property had not been seen for several days, and the vehicle the person owned had not moved. As your Parish Warden, I decided to notify the Police. Within hours they came, checked all around the property, then broke in. They found no-one there so made the property secure, and left. It was later discovered that the person concerned was on holiday without telling anyone.

Back to warnings! Children should be advised not to play on the road. With the lifting of some Covid rules, more cars - including electric ones which are very quiet - are on the road.

Children should not use E-scooters on public roads, pavement, or places to which the public have access. Their use there is illegal, as we are not in one of the designated trial areas (where approved companies can hire them out for public use). It should also be noted that any parent or carer who purchases such devices as presents for their children may also commit offences of "causing or permitting the use of an uninsured vehicle" if they allow their children to use them on roads and public places etc. 


Found Property

I have been handed an item of found property - a toilet bag, containing numerous toiletries. Would the owner please contact me and I will return the item to them (upon identification of the contents).


John Keeping (01952-813125)

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