Edgmond Parish Council 

The Parish Magazine needs you!

Edgmond Parish Magazine (with Kynnersley and Preston) incorporating Village News needs a new editor.

The magazine appears 10 times a year with plenty of lead time for preparation prior to printing at Stafford Park, Telford. The 840 copies are then bundled and distributed by a team from St Peter’s Church and others.


The new editor doesn’t need to be a regular churchgoer but should be willing to be accountable to the Rector and Parochial Church Council so as to incorporate church programmes and news into each issue. He or she will also gather items supplied by the Parish Councils and local groups and include these contributions, proof read, and exercise judgment over the balance and content of each edition.

The magazine is currently set using Microsoft Word but other programs (e.g. Publisher, Quark Express) would be equally suitable. The master is usually sent to the printer in Adobe PDF but again other formats may also be acceptable. The retiring editor is very willing to assist in the handover in any way she can.

Do contact Sara Taylor at sarajanetaylor@yahoo.co.uk, or the Rector, the Revd Preb Helen Morby on 01952 820217 if you would like to know more about this enjoyable contribution to our village life.

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