Edgmond Parish Council 

Wild Flower beds

Some of you may remember that the Parish Council purchased wild flower seeds, including red poppies in 2014 to mark the anniversary of the War.  These were provided by TWC and planted in flower beds around the Parish.  It was hoped that we would continue to have a display of poppies each year at least until 2018.  Unfortunately, however, the weather and growing conditions were not good and the poppies have not re-appeared.

The wild flowers, however, still flourish and many local residents like to see the butterflies, bees and other insects around when they are flowering.


As a Parish Council, we are going to enhance some of these areas and some will return to grass, but in the meantime, please have respect for them and if you are interested in helping to maintain one of them, please do get in touch.

The beds at Shrewsbury Road and on the B5062 will remain in those locations, whereas the one at the end of Robin Lane is to be relocated and the one at the end of Chetwynd Road will return to grass with the flowers being relocated around the Parish.

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