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Hortonwood Recycling Centre is now open

The new Hortonwood Recycling Centre is up and running.  On September 7th, the Chairman, Councillor Robert Higginson, along with other Councillors, visited the site for a pre-opening tour.  We were escorted around all the facilities and a full explanation of how the waste is collected and disposed of was available to us.  It is, as you would expect, an easy to access and well-organised site which, he believes is going to prove to be extremely useful.  The Chairman has already made several visits and noticed the live web-cam which can be accessed on line.  This means that you can look to see how busy the site is before leaving home.  

It is hoped that this will be a well used and useful feature and may well mean that you won't be sitting in long queues unnecessarily.


Both centres have improved access and walkways to make accessibility easier and are open 9am to 5pm seven days a week, 362 days a year. The old Ketley and Granville sites will be closed from Sunday 2 October 2016 The changes will mean that the borough’s household recycling centres are open for 770 hours extra a year and also remove the uncertainty of whether a site is open or not on a given day.

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