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Switch Telford - helping you save money on your energy bills

Find out the best way to save money on your energy costs by visiting switch.telford.gov.uk, the Telford and Wrekin Council's new energy price comparison and switching site.



7 benefits you get for free from switch.telford.gov.uk:

You can save money on energy bills (9 out of 10 people using the site save money on their energy bills);

You just take 5 minutes to switch supplier;

You get the best possible deal in real time and independent advice on the cheapest tariff;

You get the best possible expertise – our partner, UK power, is Ofgem accredited;

You can benefit from the new site even if you are on pre-payment meters;

You can use this site also if you are outside the borough – it is not limited to Telford & Wrekin residents only;

You don't have to contact your old supplier or change any direct debits, as the new energy site will do this for you. 

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