Edgmond Parish Council 

Parish Council Committees

The Council structure currently includes four Committees. Members are elected to the Committees at the Annual General Meeting. Members of each Committee and the Committee Terms of Reference are below. The Chairman and Vice Chairman for each Committee are identified by a (C) or (VC) against their name. These roles are decided at the first meeting of each Committee.

Committee Members Terms of Reference

Highways, Transport & Road Safety, including Street Lighting

(Up to 7 members)


A Wilson (C), R Higginson (VC),

S Bentley, S Burrell, G Jones, C Rogers


Environment &

Rights of Way

(Up to 7 members)


C Edwards (C), K Arbuthnot (VC),

Y Brunger, R Higginson, G Jones, 

I Pryce



(Up to 5 members)


R Higginson (C), I Pryce (VC),

G Jones, A Wilson


Planning - possibly to include pre-application consultations

(5 members)


A Wilson (C), R Higginson (VC),

K Arbuthnot, G Jones



Complaints & Appeals

(3 members)

G Jones (C), R Higginson (VC),

C Edwards



The Highways, Environment and Communications Committees meet regularly to bring forward projects and to work together to represent the community. This often means attending other meetings, working with partners and making site visits. The Committee Meetings are held every other month opposite the Full Council meetings. However, you will see that not all Committees meet every other month - it all depends on whether a meeting is required.

Agendas and minutes are available on the website or can be sent by email if preferred. Members of the public are welcome to come along and sit in on Committee meetings and observe proceedings.

Fortunately, Edgmond Parish Council has not required the use of the Complaints and Appeals Committee. However, it is a legal requirement to have one, and the Committee would only meet if action to address a matter was required. The Complaints Procedure guides the public and local residents on how to register a complaint and how it will be dealt with.

A Steering Group was set up in 2016 to help steer the Council towards the production of its Neighbourhood Plan. The work of this Group has now (May 2018) been completed. There is a separate page on the website covering this subject.

Up until recently, planning applications were scrutinised online and then discussed at Full Council meetings. However, because of the volume of planning applications the Planning Committee was re-established at the 2018 AGM in order to deal more efficiently with applications.

Representatives on Outside Bodies

Edgmond Parish Council is represented on several outside bodies by members of the Council. Other functions are also fulfilled by non-members of the Council.

Tree Warden Mrs M Bradley
Snow Warden Cllr R Higginson
Helicopter Liaison Group   Cllr G Jones 
Internal Audit Group / Clerk’s Appraisal

Cllr C Edwards, Cllr R Higginson,

Cllr G Jones

Parish & Town Council Group / Parish Forum / Rural Forum / Wrekin Area Committee 

Cllr R Higginson, Cllr G Jones,

Cllr A Wilson

All Councillors invited to attend 

Edgmond Village Hall  Vacancy
Newport Regeneration Partnership

Cllr C Edwards

Parish Warden Mr J Keeping 
T&W Bus User Group Mr M Reid
Waters Upton/Edgmond/Tibberton Parish Paths Partnership P3 Group (WET P3) Cllr K Arbuthnot
Council for the Protection Of Rural England (CPRE)

Cllr R Higginson, Cllr G Jones

Liaison Meetings with HAU


Cllr A Wilson (Joint Chair)

Cllr S Bentley, Cllr R Higginson, 

Cllr G Jones



If you would like to download a pdf file of the Committees and membership on outside bodies click here.

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Complaints & Appeals Committee 2016 onwards

Meeting Date and Time Location Agenda Minutes
Complaints and Appeals Committee 30-Jul-2018 at 7:00PM Village Hall Agenda Minutes
Appeals Committee 29-Jul-2019 at 7:00PM Village Hall Agenda Minutes
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