Edgmond Parish Council 

Councillors and Clerk

Edgmond Parish Councillors are elected for a four-year term of office. Should a vacancy occur mid-term, and no election is called by residents of the Parish, the Parish Council can co-opt to fill this vacancy. Recent vacancies resulted in a co-option in early November 2017 when we welcomed Keith Arbuthnot onto the Council. In January 2018 Allan Wilson was also co-opted onto the Council. In May 2019 Geoff Williams was welcomed onto the Parish Council. Steven Burrell and Ian Pryce also joined the Council in June 2019. We are always happy to hear from anyone who would like to get involved with the Parish Council and the work we do. We currently (July 2019) have four vacancies. If you are interested in being co-opted please contact the Parish Clerk. Click here for a quick link.

Each Parish Councillor, at the time of their election or co-option reads and signs a Declaration of Acceptance of Office and completes a Register of Interest.

There is a printable list of Councillors with personal contact details here. Please note: if you choose to contact Councillors using the Councillor information below your email will go directly to the Clerk.

Keith Arbuthnot
Committees: Planning, Environment
01952 814515
Email Keith Arbuthnot
Ivy House, 39 High Street, Edgmond, TF10 8JY
Stephen Bentley
Committees: Highways
01952 541939
Email Stephen Bentley
'Oaklands', Waters Upton, Shropshire, TF6 6NP
Stephen Burrell
Committees: Highways
01952 380188
Email Stephen Burrell
c/o Addenbrooke House, Ironmasters Way, Telford
Cath Edwards
Committees: Environment, Complaints & Appeals
07528 078142
Email Cath Edwards
31 Robin Lane, Edgmond, TF10 8JH
Robert (Bob) Higginson
Committees: Planning, Highways, Environment, Communications, Complaints & Appeals
01952 812056
Email Robert (Bob) Higginson
12 Robin Lane, Edgmond, TF10 8JN
Gwyn Jones
Vice Chairman
Committees: Planning, Highways, Environment, Communications, Complaints & Appeals
01952 813433
Email Gwyn Jones
10 Robin Lane, Edgmond, TF10 8JN
Ian Pryce
Committees: Environment, Communications
07547 321455
Email Ian Pryce
The Barns, Cheney Hill, Edgmond, TF10 8JR
Geoffrey (Geoff) Williams
Committees: Planning, Highways, Environment
07973 952929
Email Geoffrey (Geoff) Williams
Bayley Hills House, 35 High Street, Edgmond, TF10 8JR
Allan Wilson
Committees: Planning, Highways, Communications
01952 825258
Email Allan Wilson
'Bramley', 15-17 School Road, Edgmond, TF10 8LB
Katrina Baker
Clerk to the Council
01952 541939 (preferred)
07813 788094 (alternative)
Email Katrina Baker
'Oaklands', Waters Upton, Shropshire TF6 6NP
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