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The Parish Magazine used to be produced and funded by the local Parochial Church Council. The magazine contained information and news about the Churches in the 3 parishes of Edgmond, Kynnersley, and Preston on the Weald Moors; with details of all church services and activities. It also included Parish Council announcements and information for Edgmond, news items and details of local events, plus secular articles and local adverts.

The Magazine is no longer produced. It has been superseded by a monthly publication called The Edgmond Echo.

The Echo is funded through local support and is produced and distributed monthly by an enthusiastic group of volunteers.

If you would like to offer an article for publication or help with production and distribution please contact this email address:



Parish Magazines 2020

Date Document
01-Apr-2020 April 2020
01-Mar-2020 March 2020
01-Feb-2020 Feb 2020
01-Jan-2020 Dec 2019 and Jan 2020

Parish Magazines 2019

Date Document
01-Dec-2019 Dec 2019 and Jan 2020
01-Nov-2019 Nov 2019
01-Oct-2019 Oct 2019
01-Aug-2019 Aug and Sep 2019
01-Jul-2019 July 2019
01-Jun-2019 June 2019
01-May-2019 May 2019
01-Apr-2019 Apr 2019
01-Mar-2019 Mar 2019
01-Feb-2019 Feb 2019
01-Jan-2019 Dec 2018 and Jan 2019

Parish Magazines 2018

Date Document
01-Dec-2018 Dec 2018 and Jan 2019
01-Nov-2018 Nov 2018
01-Oct-2018 Oct 2018
01-Aug-2018 Aug and Sep 2018
01-Jul-2018 July 2018
01-Jun-2018 Jun 2018
01-May-2018 May 2018
01-Apr-2018 Apr 2018
01-Mar-2018 Mar 2018
01-Feb-2018 Feb 2018
01-Dec-2017 Jan 2018

Parish Magazines 2017

Date Document
01-Dec-2017 Dec 2017/Jan 2018
01-Nov-2017 Nov 2017
01-Oct-2017 Oct 2017
01-Aug-2017 August/September 2017
01-Jul-2017 July 2017
01-Jun-2017 June 2017
01-May-2017 May 2017
01-Apr-2017 April 2017
01-Mar-2017 March 2017
01-Feb-2017 Feb 2017
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