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Produced and funded by the local Parochial Church Council, the magazine contains information and news about the Churches in the 3 parishes of Edgmond, Kynnersley, and Preston on the Weald Moors; with details of all church services and activities. It also includes Parish Council announcements and information for Edgmond, news items and details of local events, plus secular articles and local adverts.

Magazines are free and, unless a household has specifically asked not to receive one, they are delivered by hand to every known private residence in the three parishes. There are 10 issues each year. Extra copies are available from St. Peter's Church.

If you wish to enquire about submitting an article or photograph, or want to advertise a local event in the magazine please contact the editor, Wendy Donaldson, at wendyjdonaldson01@hotmail.com. Wendy is also available on 07887 526621 if you need to discuss anything. Contributions should be delivered in good time to 8 Pipers Lane or emailed. The monthly deadline is the first Sunday of the month prior to the month of publication. In Aug/Sep and Dec/Jan there are double issues.

If you would like to take out a regular advertisement at the back of the Magazine please contact the Advertising editor at this email address.  

Contact telephone numbers and addresses are listed in the magazine, including the PCC Treasurer, Churchwardens, Organist & Choirmaster. The distribution of the Magazine is done by a group of volunteers.

Contributions towards the cost of providing the Parish Magazine are always welcome. The Parish Council recognises the importance of the magazine as a way of keeping members of the community informed and it regularly makes a grant towards the cost. Donation envelopes are distributed annually by the Parochial Church Council, but you may use an 'ordinary' Gift Aid envelope (available in St. Peter's Church) anytime. Write 'Magazine' on it for magazine-only contributions. Envelopes may be delivered to the Rectory on the High Street adjacent to the top of Connors Lane.

Parish Magazines 2020

Date Document
01-Apr-2020 April 2020
01-Mar-2020 March 2020
01-Feb-2020 Feb 2020
01-Jan-2020 Dec 2019 and Jan 2020

Parish Magazines 2019

Date Document
01-Dec-2019 Dec 2019 and Jan 2020
01-Nov-2019 Nov 2019
01-Oct-2019 Oct 2019
01-Aug-2019 Aug and Sep 2019
01-Jul-2019 July 2019
01-Jun-2019 June 2019
01-May-2019 May 2019
01-Apr-2019 Apr 2019
01-Mar-2019 Mar 2019
01-Feb-2019 Feb 2019
01-Jan-2019 Dec 2018 and Jan 2019

Parish Magazines 2018

Date Document
01-Dec-2018 Dec 2018 and Jan 2019
01-Nov-2018 Nov 2018
01-Oct-2018 Oct 2018
01-Aug-2018 Aug and Sep 2018
01-Jul-2018 July 2018
01-Jun-2018 Jun 2018
01-May-2018 May 2018
01-Apr-2018 Apr 2018
01-Mar-2018 Mar 2018
01-Feb-2018 Feb 2018
01-Dec-2017 Jan 2018

Parish Magazines 2017

Date Document
01-Dec-2017 Dec 2017/Jan 2018
01-Nov-2017 Nov 2017
01-Oct-2017 Oct 2017
01-Aug-2017 August/September 2017
01-Jul-2017 July 2017
01-Jun-2017 June 2017
01-May-2017 May 2017
01-Apr-2017 April 2017
01-Mar-2017 March 2017
01-Feb-2017 Feb 2017
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